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5 Devastating Scenes From Musicals We MUST Discuss

Hello TheaterMakers!

We are all up in our feelings at TheaterMakers Studio today as we take a look back at some of the theater’s most DEVASTATING scenes ever put onstage. Grab a few Kleenex and get ready to relive some of Broadway’s most beautifully tragic moments that we can’t stop thinking about! Caution: SPOILERS below!!

1. Death of Gavroche, Les Miserables

Is there any surprise our first scene comes from a show whose title literally translates to “The Miserables”? Though the entire show is chock full of devastation, the death of Gavroche seems to cut a little deeper than rest. Perhaps it’s the fact that his death could have been prevented that makes losing this little fighter all the more difficult to watch.

2. The I Love You Song, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

William Finn musicals are known for their ability to touch even the hardest of hearts. Whether exploring the atrocities of the AIDS crisis to this heartwarming musical about a spelling bee in a small town, be prepared for a lot of sniffles when watching a Finn show. Here, we have Tony Winner Celia Keenan-Bolger, Lisa Howard, and Derrick Baskin completely crush our hearts with this tear-jerker from the famed composer. 

3. I’ll Cover You (Reprise), Rent

We still have visceral memories of seeing this show live during its Broadway run and just the mere thought of Collin’s emotional vocal breakdown at Angel’s funeral is enough to make us reach for the Kleenex. 

4. She Used to Be Mine, Waitress

Jessie Mueller’s follow-up to her Tony-winning portrayal of singer-songwriter Carole King paired her with singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, who introduced the world to her score for Waitress with this beautiful number. Already a stunning melody on its own, when seen in the context of an expectant Mother’s sudden loss of a chance at a new life, the devastation is real!

5. Paul’s Monologue, A Chorus Line

Just try- I dare you- just try to watch this clip from Every Little Step of Jason Tam’s audition for the Broadway Revival and not weep. 

Who else out there loves a good cry? TheaterMakers share your go-to tearjerkers with us here and check back here for more TheaterMaking fun!

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