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A tip we can all learn from our high school selves. . .

Let’s talk about high school. Close your eyes.  Can you see the hallways filled? Hear the cafeteria? Smell the gym locker rooms?

Did your back just straighten? Queasy? Did you break out in… pimples?  Don’t worry. We won’t be talking about Prom, Homecoming, or gym!

We’re going to talk about perfection.  That little thing we all seek, drool, lust, and pine over.  But perfection is the very thing that gets in our way of turning our dreams into reality.

So many of us hinder our creative process by being too timid and not taking the final step towards publishing/production/even asking someone to read a play because “it’s not perfect yet”.  Well, guess what? It will never be. Even if your show wins the Tony, a Pulitzer Prize, and makes one trillion dollars- it will never be perfect (in your mind).  You can’t let your desire for perfection get in the way of releasing your art into the world because 20 years from now, you will be in the same place you are now.

What does that have to do with high school?

Remember taking tests in your high school career? How many 100%’s did you get? Seriously! A perfect 100%.

You would be thrilled if you got a 95, right? That’s an “A”. If you were in the 70’s you knew you’d have to get it up, but you still passed.  So why in our creative work do we feel the need to score a 100 before we do something with our show?

Aim for perfection- but don’t let that desire stop you from taking your shot.

Here’s your challenge for today: take a script/song/monologue and put it out into the world.  It doesn’t matter what shape it’s in.  The “test” will improve it far more than continuing to stare at it on the screen.

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