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Creating a Workout Plan for your Project

Many successful people go into their projects with a plan. They set goals for themselves, and then they set deadlines to meet those goals. And, sure enough, they meet those goals and they get those projects done. 

For writers, this can feel antithetical to what we do. We worry that too much structure will restrict our creative flow and hinder our imaginations. Why go about this methodically when our best work often comes from random bursts of creativity and inspiration? 

This may be true, but it’s certainly difficult to stay accountable to our work if we wait for those bursts of inspiration to just happen when they happen. Perhaps the answer can be found by maximizing our accountability so that we at least give it a go each day. Some days we may have the energy and creativity to write, but some days we might not. 

Think about it like working out. When devising a workout plan, it’s hard to pinpoint what the exact results will be. Working out every day for six weeks won’t guarantee a loss of five pounds or a six-pack of abs. It will require you to work out each day, though, even if sometimes you just don’t feel like it. And what you’ll find is that more often than not, you’ll have the energy to get through that workout because you got yourself to START. 

What if you created a plan for writing with this same attitude in mind? Instead of putting so much pressure on yourself to write x amount of words or complete a perfect script over the course of x amount of time, try making a plan to just write for a set amount of days each week for a set amount of time. 

Some days you’ll feel inspired. Some days you won’t. But getting yourself to do something is the key. You definitely won’t get abs by just working out when you feel like it. Even though going to the gym with a specified plan can’t guarantee you abs, your odds are certainly higher than before. 

And that’s because you allowed yourself the opportunity to at least try. Even if you show up to the gym and you only have the motivation to walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes and do some sit-ups, isn’t doing that every single day better than one crazy intense HIIT workout every other month? 

So try creating a workout plan for your project. Exercising your writing muscles as often as possible is your best bet to getting the results you want.

Get working and get writing! 


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