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Do I Need to Separate My Personal & Project Domains?

Think of your show as a “product” you want to pitch. Every product you’ve researched and bought has its own website giving you as many details as possible, right? Don’t you think before investing themselves in your work, a consumer might want to know everything about it? 

This raises the question: “Do I need a personal domain AND a project domain?”

Short answer, yes. Grab that domain name for your project as soon as you can! It is necessary to have a different website for each project you work on in order to elevate the importance of that project. Having one website that discusses all of your projects, or even just mixing ALL the details of one project in with your personal website creates unnecessary clutter! 

What’s most important to include on my personal site? 

  1. Your Elevator Pitch. 

Right when people click on your site, they need to understand who you truly are, what you do, and what your purpose is. 

You should include a summary laying out the most important aspects about you including companies you’ve worked for, projects you’ve worked on, and be sure to add in a little personality. What do you want people to take away from your “elevator pitch?” 

You should not write your life story! Two well-written paragraphs overpower two pages.

  1. Examples of Your Best Work 

It is beneficial to include samples of anything you’ve worked on that you are extremely proud of. When you’re proud of something you’ve accomplished, writing about it comes easily and passion exudes through the power of the web. The reader of your site will be able to tell how much effort you put into your best projects based on the way you describe them. 

However, make sure to not include everything you’ve ever worked on. Since you’re a TheaterMaker, you should include a “work in progress” section, discussing your accomplishments and goals of your next project. These “works in progress” can include links to different websites that go into more detail about the specific project! 

What’s most important to include on my individual project site?

  1. Your Elevator Pitch (of the project).

What is your show? What do you want people to gain from it? What is the short-origin story of how it came about? You can include a short biography of who you are, but do not go as in depth as you went on your personal site. 

  1. Work in Progress

Depending on where you are in your artistic process, be sure to include it. You’ve had a zoom reading and grabbed some snapshots? Paste them here. You have your creative team all ready to go? Announce them here. Keep site visitors on their toes, and always wanting to know what’s next with your project! 

Finally, on your personal site, make sure to include links to your project sites, and on your project sites in the “contact” area, be sure to include the link to your personal site! 


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