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Q: I forgot my username, what now?

Your username is the email address you used to set up your site account. If you have multiple email addresses, determine which email address has been receiving your course emails and use that email address to log in.

If you still can’t figure out your username, click on “Contact Us” and send customer service an email.

Q: I forgot my password. What now?

No problem. Just go to The TheaterMakers Studio and click “LOG IN.” Once you are on the login page, click on “GET YOUR PASSWORD”.

Forgot password Image

Once you click on “GET YOUR PASSWORD” it will lead you to a page that asks for your username. Enter your username (the email you use to log into the site) and click the “Send password” button.

Next, go to your email. There you will find an email inviting you to reset your password. Click the link in that email and change your password.

Q: What are the badges?

There are two types of badges that you can earn as you complete a course.

1. There are achievements badges that are awarded when you complete a lesson or a module. These badges are found in “My Achievements” under the “My Account” header.

2. The course badges are awarded when you complete a course.

Q: How can I contact customer service to receive support?

If you have questions or comments regarding The TheaterMakers Studio products, please email us at or call 646-381-4015. You can also reach out to us by using the Contact Us form.

Q: Can you put me in contact with producers?

We do have a Producer contact list available as a resource on The TheaterMakers Studio! We also offer monthly Producer Pitch Nights where you can pitch your project directly to a producer.

Q: I want to meet with Ken. How can I do that?

Unfortunately due to his busy schedule, Ken Davenport no longer offers consulting services. Members at the Stage III Production Mastery level, and members of the Inner Circle do however receive Ken’s monthly Group Coaching Calls and special opportunities to meet with him throughout the year. Also, Ken actively participates in our private members-only Facebook Group!

Q: How can I find a collaborator for my project?

We provide a full production team database on The TheaterMakers Studio for you to find new collaborators. Our networking events and Facebook Group are also a great way to find new collaborators!

Q: When will I get charged?

The TheaterMakers Studio is a monthly membership and you are charged 30 days after your initial sign up date.

Q: What is a certification?

At The TheaterMakers Studio we offer three certifications for theater-makers at different levels. Our Playwright Mastery Certification means that you have taken the necessary training and completed a finished script that has been approved by our team. This certification can be displayed online for industry professionals to see.