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From The Founder: A lot of people don’t know this story.

Written By Ken Davenport

People know me as a Producer.  

But the fact is . . . I’m really a writer.  I’ve been writing since I was a kid and begged local merchants to put up poems I read in their store windows.

I wrote my first play in 5th grade.  And we got to perform it for the whole school.  (Reviews were good – the school bully let me keep my lunch that day!)

When I started working in the biz as an actor, and then as a manager, I was still writing.  Mostly late at night.  Or when my boss wasn’t watching me at work.  Wherever I could find a few moments, I got a few pages in.

And soon enough I had a few scripts.

And then, I waited.

I expected a knight in shining armor to swoop in and pick me up and whisk me off to a land of Tony Awards and movie deals.

And nothing happened.

And it was frustrating.  (Something tells me you know what this is like.)  I knew my stuff had legs.  I knew it could work.  But I had to figure out how to get it out in the world.

I looked everywhere for help, and couldn’t find a thing.

It wasn’t until a meeting with Hal Prince that I knew if I wanted to be a writer . . . I had to take my career into my own hands.

And that’s the story that most people don’t know . . . I became a Producer only to produce my own work.  

Of course, over time, I fell in love with Producing and now produce other people’s work, as well, as my own.  

But it all began because I was . . . and am . . . a writer.  

That period of time, when I was struggling to get my stuff seen, to get people to show up to my readings, to raise money, find a director, and more, was not easy.  I remember considering dropping it all to go to law school. I remember being in tears on my therapist’s couch.  I remember feeling like I wasn’t any good.

But I found a way out.  And what I wanted to share with you . . . today . . . is that there is a way out.  And you can find it too.  And when you get there, and you will, it’ll all be worth it.

It’s not easy.  And you have to avoid some landmines along the way.  But I can help. And I want to help.   It’s part of a mission I swore to myself when I was struggling to figure out how to get produced almost 20 years ago.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to have a free call with one of my team members to talk about where you are in the pursuit of your theatermaking goals and if we can help you get there faster.  For those theatermakers whose vision aligns with ours, we can do some pretty cool stuff.

Just click here and you’ll be set up with a member of my team.  

Hope to hear from you.  But whatever you do, keep making theater.   Because the world is a better place if there’s more theater in it . . . but there’s only more theater in it if there are people like you making it.

Oh, and when you’re ready, you can schedule the call here

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