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From The Founder: Calculus helped me do this.

Written By Ken Davenport

“That’s it,” I said.  ‘I’m never acting again.”

“I’m not going to be in other people’s shows.  I’m going to make shows that other people are going to be in.”

I was 30 years old when I made that decision.  And I had a hit the very next year.



I definitely did NOT have a hit the next year.

Because I didn’t have what I needed.  I wasn’t even sure exactly where to get started.

But I knew I had to start!

I had ideas.  But no scripts.  I knew some writers.  I knew people who I thought could be writers.  And I wanted to write some myself.  

I hadn’t produced a reading before.  Although I know that was a part of the process.  But when/where did you do one?

Where did I begin?

That’s when I remember the Calculus test I took when I got to Johns Hopkins University.  It was a placement exam . . . a test before school even started to decide where I was RIGHT THEN.  It would highlight what I knew, and help me understand what I needed to learn, and what I needed to do next.

So . . . right then and there, I developed a theatermaker placement test.  5 Quick questions that I asked myself back then to help me understand what my next steps were.

And now I’ve put it in a form for you!

Want to take it?

Click here and let it be a quick way to determine where you are RIGHT NOW in your theatermaking journey.  Because only when you know where you are, can you figure out the path to where you want to go.

Click here and let it help you do what we all need to do to finish . . . START!

Go get ’em.


P.S.  In case you didn’t figure it out, I quit Calculus, and Johns Hopkins and transferred to study theater at Tisch. 🙂 But if any of you want to talk “rods” and “cones,” well . . . you better find someone else.

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