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From The Founder: How’d you do this week?

Written By Ken Davenport

Making theater is a business.  

One way Harvard business school teaches you how to achieve  success in business is to track your progress towards your business goals.

So let’s track yours . . .

How did you do this week?

Did you start the week with specific goals for the week?  (I come up with three things – “The Big 3” – that will have the biggest impact on my life.

Did you then come up with at least 3 specific TASKS for those 3 goals?  (e.g. Call my collaborator to schedule script review meeting, research directors, book rehearsal space, etc.)

And did you do them?

Now, give yourself a grade.  On a scale of 1 to 10 . . . how did you do?

I give myself an 8.  It was a pretty good week, but some travel (I’m typing this from Palm Springs) took a bite out of my productivity.

Not perfect.  But I tell you what . . . if I didn’t have my system in place of setting my goals and then tracking them, I would be at a 3.  And it would take me much longer to reach my goals.

So . . . objectively . . . how did you do?

NOW . . . here’s what’s cool. 

I tricked you.  The week isn’t over.  It’s Thursday.  You’ve got another day.  What can you do tomorrow to take that number up a digit or two?  🙂

It’s not too late to set some goals for the day and go after them.  And hey – if you set three tasks for tomorrow and only do one . . . that’s one more than you WOULD have done.  And that’s where success starts.  And how you get to where you want to be and fast.

Go get ‘em.


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