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From the Founder: The fastest way to become a better writer, producer or anything.


Some endeavors have a very low barrier to entry.  If you want to paint.  You get some paint and paint.  Don’t even need a canvas these days  If you want to sing, you can turn on TikTok and sing.   

This is especially true for writing.  

Because everyone can write, well, everyone can be a writer.  All you need is an idea . . . and to write it.  “Right?”  

Well, YES.  That WILL make you a writer.  

I’ve always believed you are what do.  You paint?  You’re a painter.  You sing?  You’re a singer.  

You write?  You’re a writer.  I don’t care if you don’t have a Tony award (YET!).  YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO.  Not what you say you do, but what you DO.  Period.

But . . . and here’s the catch . . . if you want to be a successful writer . . . or actor, director, producer or whatever . . . you’re going to have to do it better.  

How do you get better?

It’s simple.  

You do what you would do with anything else you’d want to improve in your life.

Let me give you an example from my own, non-theater, life.  

I started playing golf when I was 40.  I loved it.  And I wanted to be better so I could enjoy it even more.  So I did three things:

  1. I played a lot of golf with other people who also wanted to get better.
  2. I practiced every single day.
  3. I got a coach (several, actually, until I found the right one).

The first two, I’m sure you are already doing with your writing, directing, producing, or whatever you want to improve (and if not, start today).

The third is the one most writers (especially) DON’T do.  And they should.  

You want to write big Broadway shows, right?  Musicals or Plays that are up for Tony Awards?  Or maybe movies or TV shows on Netflix or HBO?  

That’s the writing equivalent of being a professional athlete!

Let me ask you this . . . how many coaches do you think every professional athlete had on their way up?  To extend the golf metaphor, wanna-be Pro Golfers have swing coaches, mental coaches, strength coaches, and more.

So why don’t emerging writers look for the equivalent?

Not sure.  But they should.  Because MOST DON’T.  So anyone that gets a coach, joins a writer’s group, listens to free lectures online, etc. has an advantage over all the others.

Writing is a skill.  And you must do everything you can to improve that skill if you want to compete with the best.


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