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From The Founder: The Most Important Business on Small Business Day

Are you a Writer?

Are you a Producer?

Are you a Director?  Actor?  

Whatever kind of TheaterMaker you are, you’re also something else.

You are a business.  You’re the CEO.  You’re the Marketing Director.  

And you’re also the product.

If it feels odd to think of yourself as a “product,” get over it.  🙂  Because the sooner you embrace the fact that you are a business, the faster you will succeed.  

Because the theatermakers I know who have achieved the most success all have ONE thing in common.  They managed their career like they were their own company.

Think about it.  You have something you want to sell, right?  You have to do the exact same things that Apple or Tesla has to do.  They have to create that product and make it so unique that everyone will want it.  They have to tell everyone about it.  They have to keep their product up to date.  Etc.

How are you different?

You’re not.  

So, today, on Small Business Day, I want to:

1 – Honor you and the work you do as a small business.  It’s not easy being the Chief Cook and Everything Washer.  And I applaud that.

2 – Challenge you to think about how Apple or Tesla would increase “sales” of YOUR product.  What can you do today that a business would do to get more people talking about them?  Then do it.

Small businesses are the foundation of the American economy.  And artrepreneurs like you are the foundation of the theater.


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