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How to hold yourself accountable

Setting a new goal is exciting. You’re planning exactly what it’s going to look like personally and professionally- probably feeling invincible and ready to take on the world. There is absolutely no doubt in your mind that you will accomplish all these tasks. You’re ready!

Let’s skip to three months ahead.

You’ve struggled to stay consistent with the goals and timeline you set for yourself. Life has gotten in the way, schedules change, and you’re randomly very busy.  You feel behind (because you may have procrastinated a little), and you didn’t do everything you wanted to do.  Not only are you off track now, but you’re frustrated with yourself too.  Sound familiar? It should, we have all been there.

You might already know how to hold yourself accountable, but just didn’t follow through this time. You start with the same process, but still seem to fall short time and time again.  This could be due to overextension, or it could be that there is a flaw in your process.  Here are some ways to stay committed to your goal and hold yourself accountable:

KNOW YOUR WHY: This is the most important step for holding yourself accountable. If you don’t have an important enough reason for a goal being important, it will be the first thing you put off and the last thing you finish.  Find the why, and think about all the ways your life will improve by achieving the goal you set.

WRITE IT DOWN: It’s hard to hold yourself accountable for a task if you don’t have it in writing anywhere.  Be transparent about what your goal is and how you are going to complete it. Make sure you specify a target date. It is a lot easier to digest what is on your plate when it is all laid out in front of you.

SET MILESTONES AND CREATE A SCHEDULE: You can do this using any planning method that works for you.  Sometimes, we set a giant goal and we just hope we reach it. By creating milestones, you give yourself mini-goals to meet and action steps.

CELEBRATE ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND MILESTONES: The purpose of having milestones is not only to break your goal up into chunks, but to also give yourself something to celebrate.


  • Doing non-essential/unrelated work
  • Using the dangerous “one more”
  • Chronic lateness
  • You can’t remember why you decided to set your goal
  • You find yourself scrolling and messaging on social media more than you typically do
  • Your list seems to get longer with nothing getting checked off.

REGULARLY REVIEW YOUR PERFORMANCE: This is vital to holding yourself accountable.  You need to candidly evaluate yourself and see how well you followed your plan this week.  At the end of every week, look back and make a list of what you accomplished and line it up with your list from the beginning of the week.  Grade yourself accordingly!

SEEK FEEDBACK: Yeah… you have to share your goals with someone.  Find somebody who can support you and uplift you and tell them your goal.  Whether it be a mentor, subject expert, partner, child, etc. it doesn’t matter.  Just someone to hold you accountable and help you improve.

This is really simple stuff, but simple things are sometimes the hardest things to do.  We fall short sometimes.  That is what is amazing about being human.  We fall down and get back up twice as strong.


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