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How to Tap Into Your Inner Child

After the past couple of months dealing with everything that the world has thrown at us- it is easy to let our artist selves clock out, abandoning parts of ourselves that once made us so happy.  You could be in desperate need of a reboot.  If nothing is recharging you, it could be because as we get older we don’t always have a good way of coping with the pressures of growing up.

It could be that project you’re taking too seriously or the lofty deadline you set for yourself.  As we get older, we feel like we need to charge into the “real world”, completing a complex transformation into adulthood.  During this transformation we push down the child inside of us, struggling to get out of the darkness and shadows of our new adult selves.  We leave behind the memory of what it was like to believe in the impossible and live in that vibrant feeling of freedom.

Tapping into your inner child and “playing” could release any artistic blocks you might have. Do you remember what it’s like to feel the grass brushing against your skin, dance in the rain, or to feel like you could do anything?

There is an unspoken rule in our society that when you start to have “grown-up responsibilities”, all your child-like ways must be abandoned and forgotten about forever.  What we don’t realize is that there are plenty of coping mechanisms we need as adults were learned in childhood.

With all that considered, here are 10 ways to release your creative block and tap into your inner child:

  1. Have a dance party with some loud music.
  2. Instead of walking, skip around.
  3. Be needy and selfish.  Take a break from thinking of others and prioritize yourself and the needs of your inner child.
  4. Clap your hands! Get silly and applaud for even the most basic things.
  5. Ask some absurd questions. Ask “why”.
  6. Believe in the imaginary- Santa Claus, unicorns, etc.  Utilize the powerful imagination that every child possesses.
  7. Laugh loudly.  Big, booming, guttural laughs.
  8. Say “please” and “thank you”.
  9. Shoot for the stars and your wildest dreams.  Daydream of what could be.
  10. Give yourself a big hug and love yourself.  You deserve it!

You can use the list above, or you can come up with some options yourself!  Hopefully, it will offer a new creative outlet and get your mind working, or even lighten your heart when the world can be so dark.  Happy playing!


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