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Hump Day! The Musical

Hello TheaterMakers!

It’s Hump Day here at TheaterMakers Studios and this week we put together the perfect musical theater video playlist to get you over the midweek slump! From the start of your day to clocking out at 5:00, we’ve got the perfect show tunes to put a pep in your step and a song in your heart. 

7:00am: Wake Up

Oh What a Beautiful Morning (Hugh Jackman)

What better way to start your day than with this rousing version of the “Oklahoma!” classic sung by Broadway’s newest Music Man? 


8:00am: Morning Commute

“Another Hundred People” – Pamela Myers

There have been countless renditions of this Sondheim masterpiece, but none compare to the OBC breakout star performance from Pam Myers. Has the subway system ever been sung about more beautifully?


9:00am: Workday begins

“Opening Up” [LIVE @ The Today Show]

Sara Bareilles wrote an opening for the ages with this irresistible number! Start the workday off right with Tony Winner Jessie Mueller, Keala Settle and Kimiko Glenn, and the cast of Waitress!


10:00am: Coffee Time!

“Coffee Break” How to Succeed…

Has there ever been a song more relatable during the workday? Make that quick Starbucks run while singing along to this Frank Loesser legendary number. Bonus points for anyone who knows the original choreography by Bob Fosse!


11:00am: Morning Meeting

“The Morning Report” Lion King

Staff meetings can sometimes be a little boring, so why not bring in a red-billed hornbill to liven things up? That’ll keep your staff on their toes!


  12:00pm: Lunch

“Hot Lunch Jam” Fame  

After living in New York for the past decade, I can attest that this is precisely what happens at Whole Foods during the lunch rush. Leg warmers and all!


2:00pm: Mid-Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

“Everybody Say Yeah” [LIVE @ The Tony Awards]

Everyone can use a little pick me up during the post-lunch hours, and no one can provide an afternoon jolt like Cyndi Lauper and the cast of this Tony-Winning hit. 


4:00pm: The Final Hour

The Pajama Game – Racing with the Clock   

The final hour at work can be the toughest as you watch the minutes go by slower and slower. Distract your mind from the final tick tocks of the workday clock with a little trip back to 1957 with the great Doris Day and John Raitt!


5:00pm: End of Work Day

At The End of The Day- 10th Anniversary


Oddly enough, if you are performing this song on Broadway, your workday is just beginning. Make your way home singing along with the glorious harmonies of this worldwide phenomenon, you made it! 

Broadway loves a workplace musical comedy from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying to Kinky Boots and we’d love to hear your favorite songs about surviving another day in the workforce. Share those tunes you love to whistle while you work with us below!


P.S. And for even more tips like these, check out The TheaterMakers Studio.

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