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Invest in Your Love

Did you know that the most successful CEO’s in the country read about 50-60 books a year?

While reading is really good for your brain, and something really absolutely love to do! Not only to find inspiration, but to learn the best new practices for promoting our shows.

Which is why financial guru Peter Lynch says “invest in what you use everyday. Because if you’re using it, then so are other people.

This is one of the very best rules to follow.  When you fall in love with something, don’t keep consuming it, think about how you can spin it into your own form of gold. Love The Walking Dead? What can you do with zombies in your show? Love Uber? Is there a subscription sharing program you can set up?

This is why we do theatre. We love it! Can’t live without it- but neither can others. So it creates a demand for your product and also a shared value with your work and the consumer. You are putting your work out there and getting paid for people to see, and the consumer is paying to see it.

The world is filled with consumers and creators. Let whatever you’re in love with today, inspire you to create something tomorrow.


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