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Leads are everywhere

There is a simple secret to raising money that you can take action today.  If you have any investors in your show, you should know they are likely asked for money by other producers.  It is okay to pick their brain for what other producers are doing during their asks, and what they are attracted to in deals.  You can pick up some of your greatest strategies…and more importantly learn what not to do!

Sometimes the best deals are made by simply striking up a conversation. You could be standing outside a theater during intermission and strike up conversation with the right person at the right time.

Chats can lead to coffee which could lead to a meal which leads to a reading all the way to a first investment… ending with millions of dollars more.  All from a simple hello!

The question when meeting someone could be as simple as “why are you here?”. Talk to people when you can (safely). People are eager for connection. Leads are everywhere.

This can also be applicable to your day job- people who know how to have conversation naturally excel in the workforce. You want more time to work on your show or spend time with your family away from your job? Want that raise? Start talking about it and speak it into fruition.  When you do this you become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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