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Look Outward to Find Motivation Within

Even the most accomplished and experienced writers struggle with keeping themselves accountable to the writing process. Finding motivation within ourselves can be incredibly difficult, especially when the road ahead of us is long and the gratification is far from immediate. 

That’s why we want you to try looking elsewhere for accountability. You know that you have a great idea for a script and a goal to complete it, but what if all of your Facebook friends knew too? Would you be more likely to progress on that piece? Probably. 

It’s not because all of your friends will chastise you if you never finish. They won’t. It’s because you’ll WANT to finish more now. You’ve shared your ideas and plans with people that you love and care about, and you’ll surely want to show them the final product! 

It’s about EXTERNAL accountability with INTRINSIC motivation. 

By posting about your show or sending an email to all of your friends, you’ve made a commitment to this piece that you’ll want to honor. Give your show the full-length script it deserves. 

Start with an announcement post or email. Tell all of your friends exactly what you’re working on, your timeline for the project, and your hopes, dreams, and goals for the piece. Tell them what you want to do with it and what they can look forward to (a reading, etc.). Encourage them to check in with you about it! 

After that first post/email, set a schedule for subsequent posts/emails. You’ll want to give regular updates — how far you’ve gotten, any insights you’ve uncovered, or any other exciting news about the process. You can certainly give updates whenever you feel like it, but having a schedule will push you to make progress up until then! 

You’ve now created an accountability community for yourself. When you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated, call upon your friends to help you move forward! When you need someone to bounce ideas off of, you can phone a friend for a brainstorming session. The benefits of looping your friends into your creative project are endless. Make them a part of the process and let them be there for you every step of the way. 

Remember – to make this work, you’ll still have to hold yourself accountable internally. But adding that extra layer of accountability will propel your project forward – not only towards its completion, but also in new directions as you incorporate more voices into your writing process. 

Make that announcement and start writing. Good luck! 


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