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Secret Producer Series #5: Marketing Wins From A Producer

This week we sat down with yet another one of the industry’s top producers to see how they got started in the industry!

Q:What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve ever faced?

A: Fundraising for specific projects. There have been some close calls where I would be up at night wondering if the show could come together because of investor interest, but sure enough persistence pays off and where there is a will, there is a way to getting to the finish line. 

Q: What’s your biggest marketing win on a show?

A: Word of mouth – when the product is good, word travels fast and less money needs to be spent! 

Q: What doesn’t work in a play or musical?

A: A lack of heart. Whether it’s a comedy or drama, new musical or revival, if the audience isn’t rooting for the central characters, it’s not a journey worth taking.

Q: What doesn’t work in terms of marketing shows?

A: Generalizing instead of honing in on specifics. So often I’ve read or been given ad copy to read that at the end my question is… “So what is the show about?” You want the person reading the material to immediately “get it” and immediately decide whether it’s for them or not… hopefully not the latter!

Q: What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A: Being part of a community that feels like a gigantic family, as corny as that sounds. We all are incredibly involved with one another’s projects and I feel as though I have a huge pool of resources whenever I need some advice or an extra opinion on something.

Q: Who is the one person you can’t live without in your producing career?

A: My business partner(s). I love bouncing ideas back and forth and that collaboration has been what has made up our biggest successes to date. There’s no ego involved – the best idea wins.

Q: What’s the most important role in making theater?

A: Collaboration. I’ve mentioned that a few times above because it’s so important. There are a million different steps that need to happen in order to get a show off the ground, and surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals will make the process so much smoother than climbing that mountain alone.

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