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Secret Producer Series #7: Be Curious

This week we sat down with yet another one of the industry’s top producers to see what advice they have for newbies in the industry!

Q: What’s your biggest piece of advice for theater makers right now?

A: To continue to be curious about everything.  Though you might not be able to create theater at the moment with live audiences – keep exploring.  New ideas, new connections new thoughts – just keep searching with excitement and joy.

Q: What was the biggest mistake you ever made working in the theater?

A: There have not been any real mistakes as every “set back” or “challenge” adjusted my path to where I am today.  So I can look back and say I wish I did not do [insert item] but then when you look back at those times, you see how that changed your path and you are where you are supposed to be at the moment.

Q: How did you get your very first job in theater?

A: I graduated from NYU with a degree in theater administration and did not know how to get job (no internet back then) so I sent resumes to all the producers and general managers in the theatrical index, which you could buy at the theater bookstore.  I did follow up calls the week after I sent the resumes out and Theater Now, which was a general management company, called me in for an interview.  Charlotte Wilcox hired me for a week to help organize and clean the office.  I cleaned the office refrigerator with such detail and a smile I was hired immediately and did many theater jobs in the office after that all the way up to ATPAM Company Manager.

Q: How do you think COVID will affect the theater long-term?

A: I think when we are able to go back to the theater there will be a creative burst that we have not seen in our lifetime.  The artists will no longer be isolated but and we will have all come through a very dark four years when our national leader said the arts are not worthwhile – that will all change in January and when we come out of the COVID isolation.

Q: What’s your biggest regret working in the theater?

A: I don’t have regrets but I wonder what would have happened if I visited LA and tried my hand in the movie/TV business.

Q: What advice do you have to theater makers just starting out?

A: Talk to everyone and if you are given a job that you don’t think is right for you – try it as it could lead to something perfect.


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