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Secret Producer Series #8: The Vitality of Theater

This week we sat down with yet another one of the industry’s top producers to see what advice they have for newbies in the industry!

Q: What’s your biggest piece of advice for theater makers right now?

A: People will always need stories told to them, and people will always need to come together in community. We provide a vital service… never forget that.

Q: What was the biggest mistake you ever made working in the theater?

A: Not listening to my own instincts. About people and projects.

Q: How did you get your very first job in theater?

A: I answered a classified ad for a musical director at a children’s theater. 

Q: What advice do you have to theater makers just starting out?

A: The definition of theater is evolving in a way few of us ever thought possible. Stay nimble and try not to be rigid in your thinking.

Q: How do you think COVID will affect the theater long-term?

A: Hopefully some of the positive changes that I hope occur in our society as a result of the COVID experience will be reflected and refracted in the work we create in the years to come.


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