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The Les Miz Rule

As we head into the holiday season, we could be picking up more and putting it on our plates.  Which is a good thing! You should be constantly striving to do the most/best you could do.

Instead of calling something busy, try calling something exciting.  When things aren’t exciting, all it means is you have a list of a bunch of things you need to do.  It is much better- try it!

But this article isn’t about a tiny word choice.

When things are super exciting, it means you’ve got plenty to do! You might be under some added pressure or a time crunch.  Even if you aren’t under a deadline, maybe you can get things done faster!

Times like this we need to follow the Les Miz strategy of productivity— not the barricade moment and overthrowing the government… the end of act one. “One Day More”.

When we have a lot to do and we are trying to hit a certain goal by a time, we can create ten tasks.  When we are done with our ten tasks, we can do one more. You can always do one more!

The same goes with exercise, writing, cooking, reading, etc.  You name it.  The Les Miz rule applies.  If I want to finish this new play I am working on, I make sure I write “one page more!”.  Do you get it now?

This week, set out to push yourself to do one thing more, you won’t regret it!


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