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The Rise of Radio Dramas in the Theater Community

As theaters have closed due to the pandemic, radio has become another popular alternative and a way to share dramatic works with audiences across the globe. 

Those looking for additional exposure and another way to engage in theater besides Zoom or live-streaming should look towards getting their plays on the radio platform! Audio has become an increasingly favored form of entertainment in quarantine, providing needed breaks from screen and reading time. 

Radio allows for increased accessibility, which also leads to increased exposure for you. While Zoom readings or live-stream performances are a great way to create an interactive experience for those you wish to share your work with, radio publicizes your work even further, ensuring that your work is shared with new audiences. 

Unsure where to start? Check out some of the places to submit that we’ve suggested below, and see what their guidelines for submissions are. Perhaps you already have a completed script that meets the requirements! 

Places to submit: 


Lakes Area Theatre

American Radio Theater

Radio Theater Project

20th Century Radio 

Shoestring Radio Theatre

Petaluma Radio Players

Wireless Theatre Company

RTÉ Radio Drama


P.S. Audio dramas are getting increasingly popular among members of the TheaterMakers Studio community. We’ve even scheduled a Q&A call with top producer, Dori Berinstein on the topic in September. Click here to join us and Dori as we answer all of your burning questions!

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