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THEATERMAKERS SUMMIT: What’s New for 2021!

Tech enthusiasts were sitting with bated breath as the new family of Apple products and features made their debut across the world during yesterday’s live Apple Event. For months, the rumor mill has been nonstop about what the new iPhone would be capable of and as always, Apple did not disappoint.  

Theatermaking enthusiasts, however, may have missed the iPhone 13’s new “Center Stage” feature because we were all agag over the announcement of the NEWEST FEATURES for the 2021 TheaterMakers Summit. That’s right, in addition to this year’s panel discussions and networking sessions, the Summit will offer attendees two new elements. Check out what’s in store below!


Our new break-out rooms will offer attendees a chance to delve deeper into conversations. Led by fellow theatermaker, Annie Schiffmann of Downstage Media, don’t miss the chance to get even more in-depth advice from our experts! 

Annie Schiffmann of Downstage Media will host break-out room conversations with panelists after each event.

Annie Schiffmann, Chief Strategist, CEO, and founder of Downstage Media, was backstage in 2010 at a big tech event that she was performing at when she heard the digital marketing expert Chris Brogan share how companies were using this new thing called Twitter to increase sales. Right away she knew that it would be helpful for the Off-Broadway show she was in that was struggling with ticket sales.

Fast forward to 2021 and after freelancing in digital marketing, taking online classes, working at a Broadway startup, winning awards for her content, conducting Broadway opening night interviews with Tony Award winners, marketing world premieres of shows, and consulting for an editor-in-chief, Annie now leads Downstage Media to help theater organizations have as much of an impact online as they have onstage.


After perfecting that Elevator Pitch, it’s time to put it to work!


Our new virtual Pitching Booth will give you a one-on-one pitching opportunity with Industry leaders!

Yep, based on the ol’ carney concept of a “Kissing Booth,” we’re giving you a chance to line up and quickly pitch your show (or your resume) to Producers, Artistic Directors, Investors, and more! These 10-minute opportunities will include Judith Manocherian (The Great Society), Kate Maguire (Berkshire Theatre Group), Larry Rogowsky (Company), Neil Gooding (Macbeth), Megan Ann Rasmussen (Joy: The Musical), Ron Simons (Thoughts of a Colored Man), and more!

A PITCHING BOOTH! Seriously, who could ask for anything more? 

Yet, these are just the NEW FEATURES for 2021. Everything you have loved about the TheaterMakers Summit in year’s past is back, bigger and better than before!

Founded in 2017 by Tony Award® winning producer Ken Davenport with the goal of uniting aspiring writers, producers, and other theatre professionals with industry leaders, The TheaterMakers Summit began as a meeting of the minds at Playwrights Horizons with over 100 attendees and is on track to have over 500 attendees in 2021. The destination for all theatermakers, this two-day event will offer a series of panels and presentations on topics including: 

  • Advancing Equity for BIPOC TheaterMakers Onstage And Off
  • The Non-Negotiable Must-Knows on Access & Inclusion in Theater
  • Level Up Your Social Media For You And Your Show
  • Why Broadway Investors Invest; The Next Gen of Broadway Producers
  • Musical Theater TikTok
  • Getting Your Show Produced on the Best Unconventional Platforms
  • Artistic Directors Tell You What They’re Looking For In Your Show
  • Designing Broadway, Off-Broadway, Virtual Theater
  • How You Get Tony Award-winning Lead Producers To Produce Your Show


Many more panels and panelists will be announced in the coming weeks, so keep watching this blog for more updates.

The Summit is on November 6th and 7th, with a BONUS DAY on the 8th complete with sessions and intensives for those looking for an extra dose of inspiration and education so SECURE YOUR SPOT and make sure you do before October 1, because the prices go up the closer we get to the date.

Have a great rest of your week, TheaterMakers!

P.S. For even more tips like these, check out The TheaterMakers Studio.

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