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Ways to stream your play that should be on your radar

How often did you hear the word “zoom” before March 2020? Now, how often have you been hearing it since March 2020? By this point, I think we’re all sick of hearing the word “zoom.” There is a reason Zoom has taken over our lives during the pandemic, though – the platform is easy to use, accessible, and has many options for ways to use it. But if you’re feeling a little Zoomed out, don’t worry! There are many other options available for streaming your virtual show.


Demio is a truly modern platform for hosting “webinars” – the setting often used on Zoom for live streams of plays. Demio stands out in that it offers a hybrid pre-recorded/live webinar. With this simple feature, the possibilities are truly endless for what can be accomplished with your virtual show. There are also a lot of features for audience interaction on Demio – live polls, virtual document distribution, Q&As, and more are all made extremely accessible.


If you have ever hosted or attended a webinar or virtual performance, you have likely been hit with the delay that comes from hosting large amounts of attendees in a single event. JetWebinar is a great option because of the scale it can accomplish. JetWebinar claims to have the least amount of lag time for events with upwards of 10,000 attendees, making JetWebinar great for large conferences and performances.


Livestream is the least like Zoom, and the most like a professional production. Livestream encourages more professional recording, allows for multiple cameras, and allows for live editing of the stream. This platform is the most like a live recording you may see on television, and is best for a virtual show where the actors are performing together, but the audience is remote.

Now pivot your career and get streaming!


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