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What should go in my pitch deck?

Ah, pitch decks. All theater makers have heard of them. Maybe you’ve even made a few. Pitch decks are a super important part of the business. These short packets contain quick facts and images that sell the show to prospective producers and investors. It seems pretty straight-forward, but there are some standards you should follow for a successful pitch.

The first thing you should include is, of course, what the show is about! But you don’t need to go crazy with this – one to two paragraphs is enough, and you want to hook the investor, not give away every detail, including the surprise ending. The investor will also want to know who is involved in the show – names and bios are a must. Either the investor will recognize a name they’ve worked with or heard of, or they will need bios so they’re informed about the team. The investor will also want to know the history of the show – how was it developed, where has it been performed, how has it been changed?

Now that the investor knows the facts, they need to be convinced. Include your best reviews and feedback from past performances, social media buzz, any awards the show or creators have received. Include any data about audiences and ticket sales from past performances that would convince an investor of future success. 

After the investor is convinced that your show will be successful, you need to make sure you highlight exactly what the opportunity for the investor is, and how they get involved. This is the most important part of the deck, so make sure you make it easy for the investor! Spell out exactly what the investment opportunities are and what the producer can get out of it. Include a contact or a form to make it easy for potential investors to reach out to you immediately.

Pitch decks can be daunting, but following these basic steps will ensure yours is successful!


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  1. It would be great if there were links to examples of good pitch decks; that way we could see what they should include and try to emulate that with our own pitch decks.

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