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What to do with that day job of yours

Let’s talk about your day job… shall we?  We constantly hear from Theater Makers that they want to ditch their often monotonous day job and just work in theater all of the time… you can, and you will.  But… maybe not as quickly as you would like!

We know it’s hard, especially considering the times we are in now.  You’re impatient, and so are we.  Which is a good thing!  It makes us go after what we want with more ambition and drive… as long as you don’t let it frustrate/jade you so much that it hinders you.  It can do that to you, so you need to be mindful of that.

Believe it or not, your day job can be helpful.  That could be where you get your first investors… historically, that is where a lot of producers start out getting their investors.  The question you need to be asking yourself is: how can my day job help me with my dream job?

Can you meet potential investors? Perfect your cold-calling sales technique? Learn more about e-mail marketing?

Approach this as if this is graduate school for what you really want to do. Head to work each day with the fire that your dream ignites, eyes open, and your brain soaking everything up. Think to yourself: what can I learn today that will help me in the future?

You’ll discover that you’re not only happier, but you will be a better employee too (maybe a raise?). You’ll also be better prepared for your future in your dream job.


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