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What to say when people ask “What’s up?

Some of us may be big deadline people.  When we are dealing with our day jobs, shows, or passion projects- we set deadlines and it feels excellent to hit them.  The biggest problem with self-imposed deadlines is that they are hard, and often lofty. If your day job boss gave you a deadline for something, you would hit it! But, when you set one for yourself (for something that could have emotional and financial rewards much greater than what your day job gives), it’s harder to hit.

That’s part of human nature! Being self-motivated is harder than having other people motivate you. Rather than just accepting that, as theater makers we can come up with ways to hack our brains to break through our inner-resistance/work around it.  Coaches, masterminds, and tips and tricks are all ways to break through that wiring.

Here’s a great one

Tell everyone about your deadlines. BAM. Things happen when you do this. . .

First, you are manifesting your goal out loud. 

Second, you’re involving another party, which holds you accountable and makes your goal more real (it’s scientifically proven that when you speak goals out loud you have a better chance of hitting them). 

Third, you look super professional and serious to anyone you say this to!

Watch what happens when you present yourself and your project seriously.  You’ll take yourself more seriously and others will as well.  Last but not least, it will get you out of any meetings or get-togethers that could potentially distract you from hitting your deadline.

This stuff works.  Go out there and set a deadline- tell everyone you know about it.  Don’t brag or boast. Just tell!


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